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Lori wrote the book on Marvelous Designer. Literally. Understanding Marvelous Designer: A Guide for CG Artists is the only book written on the software. Here's an Amazon review.

This book is WONDERFUL! I'm a long time 2D character artist and 3D artist entering the 3D character design pipeline. I'm total newbie to MD and it's becoming (or is) the industry standard to make outfits from game and film characters. I was getting frustrated trying to track down videos and documentation for MD and Lori's name was at the top of the search results. She has knowledge as a real world seamstress and a 3D artist, so she's the perfect person to bridge the gap! She'll quickly dispel any myths in the first chapter(s) and let you know what this program is meant to do.

4 Years of YouTube Tutorial Experience

With over 350,000 views on YouTube, How to Use Marvelous Designer is one of the most popular MD videos available.

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I think should sign you up as a tutor. you are very patient with vivid explanation. Thanks alot for this free $100 tutorial. Prince Extasy

I loved this video and thank you so much for your method of teaching it was GREAT! Teresa Alexander

I've tried to play around with MD3 previously for creating game asset clothing and had nothing but nightmares from it. Your tutorial has been amazing in helping jump in feat first and get a solid understanding. Thanks again for putting the time into creating this awesome video! Brandon Jenks

Really nice tutorial and detailed, I have never used 3D before and I found myself following and actually getting what you were saying, which is totally something I didnt expect to happen. Thank you, I'll follow you now like a disciple, first time pattern making on a computer. Ingrid Skosana

This is one of the best tutorials I've seen. Thanks you so much. I feel like I've got a good grasp of MD very quickly thanks to you. 🙂 Andrew Churchill

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